How to create a cleaning routine for your car

If you don’t make out time to clean your car, you will find that it will soon become unkempt and faulty with time. You must be invested in the regular cleaning of your car if you want to enjoy using your car. Here are tips for creating a cleaning routine for your car:

Choose the best time in the week to wash your car

Your car gets stained with dust, grease, and other dirty substances as you drive around all day. If you want it to look like a shiny showroom model every time, give it a thorough wash once a week. You can do this yourself or take it to a professional. Before you wash the outside, lean the inside of the car first. Remove any rubbish in the ashtray, door bins, glovebox, interior storage spaces, etc. Look under the seats for any dirt as well. If you use seat mats, take them out and wash them. If they are made from cloth, dust them well. However, check the instructions for cleaning them so that you don’t do something amiss. You can also get a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt and grit. Use a stiff brush to clean the dirt in the upholstery or carpets.

Wash your car with the right materials and wax if needed

A lot of people give different advice on how to wash cars, but you should only follow the one which suits your model. Ensure you use a proper car wash solution. Don’t use any type of detergent because it will strip the protective layer on the car away. Start from the roof and work your way to the rear of the car. Ensure the car wash solution soaks into the basest parts of your car. Use tar and spray bug to remove a stubborn stain on your car instead of just washing it away. Read the instructions in the manual’s guide before you wash your car. Also, it is advised that you wax your car before you wash it. You don’t have to do this every time you wash your car as your car shampoo may contain wax already. Instead, use the right amount of wax as specified in the instructions if you are going to be waxing your car. Then dry with a microfibre cloth before polishing it off. You can easily get information about what you need to clean your cars and where to get them when you read Car companies reviews on platforms like You could also get further information about how to use the products. This is more so when you read reviews about car companies that provide cleaning services or those that sell products that you can use to clean your car. Taking your car to a professional for thorough cleaning from time to time even if you do most of the cleaning yourself is also a good idea.

Fix cosmetic repairs and service your car regularly

If you notice some cosmetic flaws in your car, take it to the repair shop to fix it. Dings, scrapes, plastic trim, faded paintwork, etc. are blotches that don’t make your car look clean. Additionally, service your car regularly. Cleaning your car will have no meaning if it is faulty. Take it to the mechanic at least once a month for regular diagnostics. This way, little faults will be quickly detected and dealt with before they become big problems. Drive well to avoid accidents and collisions. Even if your car is over 5 years old, regular cleaning and servicing will make it look as new as possible.